Camping Knots

How to Tie Knots – 14 great knots for Camping

In this knot tutorial video, Jason demonstrates how to tie 14 great knots for camping that you can easily learn and are perfect for bushcraft and wilderness survival skills.

Including the Half Hitch, Two Half Hitches, Square Knot, Clove Hitch, Slip Clove Hitch, Taut Line, Figure Eight Knot, Bowline, Alpine Butterfly Knot, Sheet Bend, Double Sheet Bend, Prusik, Constrictor Knot, and of course the Canoeman’s Knot (aka the Highwayman’s Knot).

These knots are demonstrated the way I learned them. If you know another way of doing them, post a video and share it in the comments.

Skip ahead to any of the knots by clicking on the timecode below.

Half Hitch 0:30
Two Half Hitches 0:54
Square Knot 1:53
Clove Hitch 2:41
Slip Clove Hitch 3:32
Taut Line 4:35
Figure Eight Knot 6:00
Bowline 6:30
Sheet Bend 7:17
Double Sheet Bend 8:10
Prusik 9:15
Alpine Butterfly Knot 10:40

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