Cheesy mashed potatoes cakes

Welcome to our new video. Today we are going to show you how to cook cheesy mashed potatoes cakes. Its easy and very tasty recipe but will need a time. Vegans will love this recipe for sure. All you need is 1kg potatoes , feta cheese , flour , 4 eggs , breadcrumbs , chees , salt and pepper for seasoning, cooking oil . This recipe is known as mashed potatoes balls but we dont want it to be bally and make it like cakes. Because you need to deep fry the bolls and we dont wanna waist to much oil for deep frying. Make the shape of cakes like and fry them on hot oil pan. Cheesy mashed potatoes cakes
can be done at home or while camping , but you will need some source of water near .
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My name is Borislav and im filming all of this whit the help of my love Neli.
We are from Bulgaria and as you already know we love our nature and delicious food.
And one day i decided to buy a brand new camera and start this YouTube channel.
That was one of my dreams , and i waned to make this true .I love to wild camping and hiking in the wild that what make me happy and now i want YOU to be part of my journey.To make my hobby even more interesting for me and now for you too.
And if our channel grow whit your help , if we hit 1000 subscribes till the end of 2020 , i promise to buy a brand new GoPro 8 and capture whit 1000% more quality video. So if you do want to help us , please hit that subscribe button. The montage of the every video is so much time consuming . I learning new things about it every day the make the quality even better.
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