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I’m heading out on the trail again, and I thought I’d do a short video about the food-preparation procedures I followed for my trip. Specifically, I’m headed to the Smoky Mountains and will be hiking this Sunday through Wednesday. Yes, I’m missing the Super Bowl — the weather forced me to make some last-minute changes to my itinerary. Oh well, I really wanted to get outside . . .

I think my menu includes fairly typical backpacking food. The food works for me as a somewhat-lightweight backpacker who tries to cover a pretty good distance every day (on the trip I’m packing for in the video, 15-20 miles per day). I prefer items that require no cooking OR can be cooked by adding boiling water to a freezer bag (generally known as “freezer-bag cooking”). I usually take 1.5 pounds of food per day — about 3,000 calories.

Included in the video: Two complete recipes, one for my “Rice Concoction” and the other for my “Potato Concoction.”

Not shown in the video: in cold weather like I’ll be facing on this trip, I put the freezer bag into a cozy before adding the boiling water. I use one called The Feed Bag by Hamhock Outdoor Gear, which I purchased at Amazon. [Update 2/10/17: This product, The Feed Bag, is no longer available.]


Filmed with a Canon Powershot G7X. Edited with Cyberlink PowerDirector 14.


“Boogie Woogie” by King Oliver


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