Gear Reviews and Overland Adventures from OXFOOT w/Jason

Today we have Jason from OXFOOT on the channel as we talk about his 4Runner, gear reviews, and other overlanding topics in this week’s episode. You can learn more about Jason and enjoy his content by using the links below:



0:00 Intro
1:05 Budget Gear Reviews
4:19 Jeep Talk
7:00 What Vehicle to Go Overland
10:20 I Want To Explore Further
18:10 Cinematic Trail Content vs Gear Content
19:38 Josh Films with a Microwave
20:30 Cinematic Quality of YouTube Videos
23:15 Be Inspired by High-End Builds
24:20 4Runner TRD Pro Pricing
27:50 What’s Your Favorite Modification?
30:00 Roof Top Tent vs Tent or Ground Camping
36:07 Colorado Trails
39:00 Testing at Home then Out on the Trail
40:15 MaxTrax vs Cheap Traction Board
41:30 Reviewing Gear for Others to Enjoy
42:45 What Drives the Camping Overland Passion
47:45 Where to Find Jason and OXFOOT Content
48:20 What does OXFOOT Mean?

I had a TON of fun with Jason about his Toyota 4Runner, his equipment, the gear, some recent and past reviews as well as some sneak peeks into content he’ll have coming to his channel in the near future. Be sure to check out his channel for more in-depth news and reviews on everything overland!

Episode 005

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Tent Accessories

Sleeping Bags

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