Ribeye Steak on Jetboil Summit Skillet with Jetboil MiniMo –

Here we have a ribeye steak cooked on a jetboil summit skillet using a jetboil minimo.

This is camp stove cooking at its very best. This is only possible because of the jetboil skillet and jetboil minimo stove.

This is my favourite camping stove meals. Since I purchased the Jetboil Skillet I’ve been able to expand my camp cooking recipes. I had already been able to do this because of the low simmer function of the Jetboil MiniMo.

These Jetboil Products are expensive but they are functionally excellent therefore still represent good value for money. I will use the backpacking gear for years and years and continue to expand my camp stove cooking recipes.

Personally, I think this is the best backpacking skillet on the market. The ceramic non stick coating on the 300 gram backpacking fry pan is second to non.

The 415 gram jetboil mini mo packs a real punch for it’s weight. This all-in-one backpacking stove is full of features and so far I have found it to be very reliable.

Check out my Jetboil Summit Skillet Review and my Jetboil MiniMo Review, both the unboxing and initial testing.

Full details of Jetboil MiniMo backpacking stove can be found here:

Jetboil Skillet backpacking skillet details can be found here: https://www.jetboil.co.uk/collections/cookware/products/summit-skillet

I will be uploading lots of camp stove cooking recipes during the course of this year so please subscribe if you like your camping cooking recipes. If you have any camping food ideas please let me know.

If you like camping cooking steak and it’s your favourite camping meal there’s plenty more of this to come. Let me know your jetboil recipes in the comments below.

Please feel free to comment below with your favourite jetboil meals.

Thanks, Andy.

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