10 Best Slide-Out Kitchens and Camping Boxes to Enhance Travel

By mounting a roof top tent on your vehicle or cargo trailer, or by simply throwing a mattress over the folded rear seats you can create a fairly comfortable sleeping arrangement in the wild. But if you want your rig to become a fully fledged overlander it has got to be equipped with a camping kitchen. In today’s episode we will go over the best slide out kitchen units and fully equipped camping boxes that provide compact and often affordable opportunities for outdoor exploration.
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#1 Nomad Kitchen Co: https://www.nomadkitchenco.com/

Nomad Kitchen is a slide-out trunk kitchen unit that can be installed in minutes and secured at 4 anchor points using built in straps. It measures just 25.5 by 22.5 by 14 inches, while being 14 inches tall, fitting a variety of vehicles, from smaller passenger cars to trucks and vans.

#2 ARB Kitchen: https://www.arb.com.au/slide-kitchen/

The Australian ARB is an established name in the overlanding industry, especially among 4WD-vehicle owners, that has its roots going back to 1975. Their new modular kitchen provides truck owners with the same workspace they could only find in larger motorhomes.

#3 Egoe Nestbox: https://www.egoe-nest.eu/en

The Egoe Nest camping box includes a main body with a cooker, water supply, fridge, two smaller drawers and sleeping set. It comes in 5 styles: Roamer, Hiker, Supertramp, Camper and Tramp, that vary in cost and size to match your vehicle.

#4 Ello Camping Kitchen: https://www.ellocamping.de/

Introduced to the market back in 2019, Ello began as a small camping box that was suited for weekend outing in your every day car. Since then, the company expanded its range to 6 different models that are created specifically to fit SUVs, station wagons, MPVs and vans of different wheelbases and roof heights.

#5 Dometic Kitchen: https://www.dometic.com/en-au/au/products/food-and-beverage/cooking/cooktops/dometic-slide-out-kitchen-_-181745

Dometic Kitchen is a portable slide-out all-in-one kitchen unit that will be a perfect solution for those who already own a back-to-basics RV or camping trailer.

#6 VanEssa MobilCamping: https://www.vanessa-mobilcamping.de/?language=en

In business since 1980, this German manufacturer came up with the idea of the VanEssa in 2003. The name of the product was created from a combination of the words “van” and “essen,” which means eating. Today, its lineup includes 3 kitchen styles: a rear one for the boot, a small interior unit called Oslo, and VanEssa Arco that combines pull-out rear kitchen and a convertible bed.

#7 Talus: https://www.talusgear.com

The Idaho-based Talus company produces so-called camping backpacks for pickup trucks labeled as Camp and Venture.

#8 Drifta Trailer Kitchen: https://www.drifta.com.au/camper-trailer-kitchens

Last year the Australian Drifta celebrated the twentieth anniversary since their first camping kitchen was built. They did this in the status of a leader in the design and manufacture of camp kitchens and 4WD drawer systems.

#9 Ququq: https://www.ququq.info/english/

Handmade in in Germany, the Ququq camping box is offered in two modifications: a kitchen-only or a more comprehensive bed-kitchen system.

#10 Bushtucker Kitchens: https://www.bushtuckerkitchens.com.au/shop

Initially started as a business of fabricating aluminum canopies in 2011, it wasn’t long till Bushtucker branched off the original products into the segment of camping kitchens. Each model is hand made from scratch.

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