INCREDIBLY Useful Camping Hacks

It’s summertime, and you know what that means: camping… and sun and heat, but mainly camping! Now, there are those who are avid campers, or even just smart campers and they’ve come up with all sorts of ways to make their lives a whole lot easier. Here we’ve compiled a short list of different ways people have made their time out in the wilderness a grand experience, all with a few simple tricks. Here we’ll show you some ways to make your camping trip awesome; here we’ll show you Incredibly Useful Camping Hacks!

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6. Portable Sink
We don’t know why we’ve never thought of this, but it’s so simple an idea that we’re a little bit embarrassed. Just look at this perfect hand-washing station and tell us that this isn’t genius. All you have to do is fill up an old laundry detergent dispenser with water (after thoroughly rinsing it out, of course), and there you go; you’ve got hand-washing power! The second picture here steps this concept up a whole extra level and fastens a paper towel dispenser to the top as well, which is also pretty genius if we don’t say so ourselves! An easy concept which could help immensely while you’re out in the wilderness amongst mother nature and friends! Awesome!

5. Itty-Bitty First-Aid Kit
You know that when you go camping, your mode of transportation to said camping spot is typically filled to the brim with stuff. That’s why downsizing some of the things that you need to bring with you is key and could help you immensely. First, you’re not weighed down by a million full-size things, and you free up space to bring more or travel lighter. It could help you be able to see out of your vehicle, so you don’t crash and burn on the way up to your destination. Check out this tiny first-aid kit! Not only can you fit the basic necessities of first-aid in a little prescription bottle, but this little guy could fit in your pocket or in a side pocket of a bag, and it doesn’t take up much space at all! This is far better than having to lug around a whole kit when, at the most, you’ll more than likely only use it once or twice for a couple of little things. Downsize. This is vital.

4. Sage in a Campfire
Why, you may ask? Well, when you go camping, do you get bit by all sorts of bugs? Especially those tiny ones that suck your blood and leave behind itchy, red bumps that stay itchy for days and days? Yes, we’re talking about mosquitoes. If you have some smudge sticks on hand, tossing them in your campfire can help to keep those pesky little buggers away and keep you and your friends happy! Nobody likes mosquitoes—literally nobody—and they serve no real purpose besides spreading disease and pushing your buttons; so keep the ugly little insects away with some help from some great smelling sage!

3. Toilet!
This is a creative and easy way to make sure you’ve got a toilet while out in nature, and it wouldn’t cost you much time or money to build! All you’ll need here is a bucket and a milk crate… that’s all you need for a basic toilet, but if you want to step it up like the one in this picture, you’ll also need a toilet seat and four pieces of scrap wood. Oh, and don’t forget the zip ties. Just place the bucket under the crate, cut a hole the size of the bucket in the crate, throw a toilet seat on for comfort, and add the scrap wood legs by securing them with the zip ties. That’s really it. You’re sure to be happy and comfortable sitting on one of these bad boys, but where do you empty it? You surely can’t bury the whole bucket or bucket-load, right? Imagine digging a grave for all of those bodily fluids and then laying them to rest… “We are gathered here today…”

2. Bringin’ Dat Sustenance
We all know the struggle of keeping your cold items, well, cold while you’re out and about and it’s especially hard in the wilderness. Instead of buying ice, consider this excellent option for keeping your food nice and chilled: freeze gallon jugs full of water to act as your ice, place them in the cooler, and then stack your stuff in around them. Now you don’t have all of that pesky, melty ice all over, your stuff stays cold, and you have perfectly good, ice-cold drinking water when the ice begins to melt! Sounds good to us!


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